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Click here for a selection of TED talks on “Our Digital Lives,” including talks from Turkle and Pariser.


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The link above is a  article and video. The video is called “The day of Glass. It is about the company,Corning, and their aspiration for the future. They show a world where anything is a click and push away. Corning makes a special glass that can be used o make anything touch screen. They show a variety of things such as a touch screen dashboard to a touch screen door. They even show how these upgrades can be applied to the classrooms. I feel this is amazing because it is amazing how much can be done with this technology. “A Day Made of Glass,” providing another look into what the future could be like with the growth of glass touchscreen interfaces, from innovative chalkboards and activity tables in classrooms to uses for it in hospitals.” This change in media and technology would bring a world of media change that could revolutionize how we use technology. It would make our lives easier and connect us through media. 



The above link is from an article I found online that I thought related to our theme on “How Technology Shapes Us”. The article was written by Kundan PandeyLast on September28,2011. The context of this article is basically about how technology is affecting our lives on different levels and different aspects-eduaction,commnunication, and business. Technology affects our lives on the education level by computers and powerpoints our what we grew up on and whats being used inside our classrooms. Our forefathers never had the opportunity to use these privilages so their generation had to make use of the resources they had.It affects our lives on the communication level by the creation and use of social media which aids in us meeting new people and opening up more. And finally when it comes to business more companies are using online systems make using things like banking much easier. A quote that stood out the most to me was actaully a quote by someone else that the author of this article decided to use “The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do”. – B. F. Skinner, an American psychologist, author, inventor and social philosopher. I like this quote because it relates to everything we talk about in class when it comes to how technology has changed and is still changing our lives. To me Skinner is trying to argue the point that society has gotten lazy and become very dependent on the use of a machine before they even take the time to think about anything. This article ment alot to me and showed me more in dept how technology has changed our lives on many levels. It made me actually sit and think about the three categories i mentioned about and see how it all ties back into my personal life.Something like what we basically did with most of our assignments this semester.

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For my final blog post, I wanted to focus on if digital meida changes our lanuage. Throughout the semester, we as a class have came cross the argument on how digital makes us stupid, or if it is changing the way we communicate. Author Naomi Baron of Education Leadership; volume 66 gives her opinnion and examples on the topic.

Baron starts off by expalning the study her colleague and her has conducted. The data from the study shows,  out of 11,718 words, only 31 were “online lingo” abbreviations, and only 90 were acronyms. They used instant messaging to conduct the experiment from college students. Baron later in the article explains that its not really the lanuage that changes, its the sentence strutucre and attiude towards writing. Baron says: “In studying new media language, however, I’ve become convinced that more fundamental linguistic changes are afoot. The shifts I’m talking about are not in vocabulary, spelling, or punctuation, but in our attitudes toward language structure. The shift away from caring about language rules or consistency predates new media language. It even predates personal computers.

Later into the argument she expalins how new words are put into the dictionary every year and that when time goes on words evolve. It is called a launagae shift,where new words and styles of talking become the native launage. Beofore we can say that launage is changing for the worse we have to shift to the change and adapt to it.http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/mar09/vol66/num06/Are-Digital-Media-Changing-Language%C2%A2.aspx

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So when I first was assigned this, by habit I simply went to Google and typed in a few keywords. Yes, this is very ironic because just as some of the people we have read about this semester, they have said that’s how our society is based these days. And I believe that is 100% true. After reading an article I came across after typing in the keywords on Google, I realized while reading, it sounds exactly like me in what he describes. I started reading the article and it dawned on me, society really has made a huge change due to technology.

“Little by little, Internet and mobile technology seems to be subtly destroying the meaningfulness of interactions we have with others, disconnecting us from the world around us, and leading to an imminent sense of isolation in today’s society.”

That quote right there simplifies it up in a nutshell basically. It says it all in one big sentence exactly how it is. This relates to the rest of the things we have discussed this semester because we have talked about how technology has toyed with our minds and ruined our thinking process. In the passage the writer, Melissa Nilles, from The Bottom Line wrote on January 24, 2012 that she doesn’t realize how much technology she truly uses in a day. She talks about a half hour can pass by with her texting her friends and not realize that a whole half hour has passed. This relates back to in the beginning of the semester when we did our media diaries and wrote down every time we used media or technology. This information is arguing that technology has messed with the way people today can face to face communicate which is an ongoing argument itself in society and especially schools today with children developing. She’s talking about how anyone can say anything through text, but there’s something about face to face interaction which can make things so intimidating and hard for people. She’s saying that people need to spend more time together rather than always just talking through some sort of media.

If you decide to take a look for yourself the link is: http://thebottomline.as.ucsb.edu/2012/01/technology-is-destroying-the-quality-of-human-interaction By taking the time to read this, you will find it very interesting as I also did because I can relate with a lot of the issues, but they didn’t seem like issues until I read into it more and it helped matters click.

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The article that I’m writing about focuses on the negative aspects of social media on society and individuals. The article is called “The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals,” by Brian Jung. In class we talked a lot about how social media is changing the way we connect with people. Instead of communicating with people face-to-face, we are communicating with people through social media. According to a study at Cornell University, social media sites are making it more difficult to distinguish between our meaningful relationships and our relationships that are only online.

Another negative aspect that the articles gives is about cyber-bullying. We went over this in class as well. Many people, young and old, are affected by cyber bullying and the repercussions can be devastating. Many times it will result in mental scars and even suicide. According to a 2010 CBS News report, 42% of youth say that they have been victimized online.

Social media can also lead to decreased productivity. You really don’t need a study to know that this is true, just think about all the times you were trying to get work done and got distracted by facebook or twitter. Although this hurts the productivity of individuals, it estimated that British companies lose 2.2 billion dollars a year to distractions caused by social media. This might be true, but you can always argue that it is doing more good to harm to companies due to the new avenue of marketing that social media has created.

Last, but not least, is the issue of privacy. Social media allows people to post and share whatever they want online. Many people think that this isn’t that big of a deal, but it has hurt many people’s careers due to their employers or potential employers finding out about something that can cause a job loss.




This article shows the effects of technology on class and students. http://www2.ed.gov/pubs/EdReformStudies/EdTech/effectsstudents.html


Today, classrooms are becoming much much more involved in technology. Most projects and assignments that are assigned are technology based. A lot of schools are actually implementing programs that give every student a laptop to take home and use as their own. Today students are becoming better and better at operating technology. To some extent these students are better with technology than their instructors. Today in class rooms almost everything is based on using computers. Some schools even have iPads they teachers use to show presentations. The only problem that teachers are finding is that these computers are distracting students from doing their work. This makes sense, my high school also had this same problem. The high school I went to we had a system where every student had a computer and it really did help with school work and it made every student prepared for the future of new technologies.